Apple suing 3rd party accessory maker, HyperMac, for patent infringment.

  • September 21, 2010 1:31 pm

Uh-oh. If you like long running Macs or iDevices thanks to HyperMac’s excellent 3rd party external batteries, you better order one up while you can. Looks like their claims of “using actual Magsafe and dock connector parts from Apple” are coming back to bite them. As it turns out, Apple is non too pleased with HyperMac repackaging their proprietary parts — so the legal hounds must be unleashed. That’s a problem because HyperMac does make some awesome products that no one else (including Apple) does. It would surely be a shame to see them sued out of existance. Hopefully Cupertino and HyperMac can come to some kind of agreement/settlement and keep all parties happy.

The lawsuit as posted by AppleInsider:

“Defendants manufacture, distribute, and/or sell products that infringe patents related to Apple’s proprietary MagSafe connectors used to connect power adapters and other products to Apple portable computers, such as the MacBook,” the suit reads. “Defendants also manufacture, distribute and/or sell products that infringe patents related to Apple’s 30-pin connectors and receptacles , used to connect cables to Apple iPod, iPhone and/or iPad products.”

“Defendants’ infringing conduct has damaged Apple and inflicted irreparable harm for which Apple seeks, among other remedies, an award of its actual damages, disgorgement of Defendants’ profits from the sale of infringing devices and injunctive relief.

How many are you going to order…?


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