Thank you god: Nascar 2011 coming from Activision. Franchise says good-bye to EA.


Now I’ll preface this article by saying that back in the day (read: early 2000′s), I loved racing games, especially those produced by Sierra/Papyrus. Back then, the “Nascar Racing” series was a pretty fun series of games in that it was more of a real sim racer instead of your standard arcade style game. And then Sierra/Papyrus went through a purchase or two and eventually closed up shop, after which, EA picked up the rights to Nascar. That was the end of Nascar racing games as we know it. EA moved from a more involved, sim-style game to a more “everyone-can-play” arcade-style. It was ok — for one game. Each subsequent release felt less and less exciting. But there’s hope. Eutechnyx (Test Drive Le Mans, Big Mutha Truckers and SuperCar Challenge) and Activision are now in charge…->

EA’s rights to Nascar-branded games ended in 2008, and EA has employed the Nascar team with other tasks such as upcoming MMA games. Eutechnyx will from here on out take over development work while Activision will handle distributing. So mark your calendars for early 2011 when the new Nascar 2011 racing game is supposed to drop. A perfect way to open the season, no?

Truth be told, I can’t really stand to watch Nascar in any form. It used to be mildly entertaining but in recent years has become nothing more than a male drama pushed forward by corporate greed and outdated executives. Still, the games themselves are fun to play, hence the childish excitement that’s bubbling forth from within. Anyone else out there excited, or am I all alone?



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  1. Eddie B. says:

    Yeah, ive known about this for months. i have an inside source who told me about it a longgg time ago! Im a HUGE NASCAR fan and an avid gamer. Ppl say the sales suck but to be honest with you…there are literally millions of drivers online on NASCAR 09 who express disappointment in the series as to why they dont buy the games!
    But with all the online users on that game it only hints that if a great game was made it would really sell fantastically! Trust me…theres money to be made in these games!
    But to the game itself…omg…its gonna be amazing! i know everything about it. i got the inside scoop! What im most excited for is the motion-capture pit crew, brake wear, and weather playing roles in the races!!!
    its gonna be revolutionary for racing games my source says! He said that after this game it will set standarsd for future games, not for just NASCAR but other games as well!

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