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Leaked AMD 67xx series documents show great things in store…

‘Tis that time of year again — Graphics card maker (among other things) AMD is set to unleash a flurry of new GPU hardware to lead us into the winter months and holiday season. For over a year now, their 58xx series in particular has been doing phenomenally well thanks to the ever-sinking prices and lower heatput-per-watt when compared to Nvidia’s finest. However, Nvidia’s latest update did turn up the heat (literally) on AMD once a few driver updates came out. Now, AMD’s 58xx series aren’t so speedy anymore.

Introducing, the AMD 67xx series graphics cards based off of the “Barts” 40-nm architecture. If this “mid-range” fodder isn’t to your liking, calm down. There’s plenty to glean off this new information. Namely, the 67xx cards are actually quite close in performance (on paper anyway) to the current top-of-the-line 58xx series cards. So we can all assume that the upcoming 68xx series cards will be a rather large step up — more-so than some people believed would come from this “minor” update.

Cayman/68xx series cards shouldn’t follow too far behind their more moderately paced siblings. Anyone getting excited for new AMD GPU’s? Larger shot after the jump…

**Due remember, these aren’t final stats. As such, things could change before the official launch.



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