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Review: Aviiq laptop stand.

We’ve come to an interesting time in the world of computers. Whether you get a laptop or desktop, you’re bound to have a machine that’s more or less capable of running any piece of “normal” software or doing any task that you could ever possibly want. That of course depends on your definition of “normal”. But for the sake of keeping things easy here, we’ll rule out NASA scientist, nuclear physicist, and Antelope reproductive therapist (? — it’s late) as they aren’t so normal and require pretty beefy machines.

The growing trend in computers seems to be portable, lightweight laptops. The general idea is that you sit these thinking boxes on steroids on your lap. But what about when you want to sit at a desk or table for extended periods. A more “permanent” solution is wanted. Introducing: the thinest, most flexible laptop stand you’ll ever lay eyes upon — The Aviiq ->

I kid you not. The first thing I said when opening the box and seeing a small sliver of silver fall out was “That’s it”. It’s tiny. Tinier than tiny — when packaged up anyway. Though unfolding the stand (yes, you have to unfold this stand) reveals an equally tiny full-size stand. This is of course going by dimensions and physical impressions of what your typical laptop stand often looks like. The Aviiq is unique. There’s no doubt about that. But is it actually useful? There have been plenty of times in history where a gadget or accessory has proven to be more for show and less about actual utility.

Thankfully that’s not the case here. Configuring the Aviiq for elevated and slightly tilted laptop use was drop dead simple. Simply fold the end piece around and hook into place. Viola. The angle makes typing a much nicer task for your wrists while also giving your back and eyes a rest with the more “natural” position. I’ve always tried to avoid using the laptop keyboard when using it in “desktop mode” or when it’s tied to a second monitor. With a big screen in use, hovering over it to reach the laptop keyboard isn’t practical nor comfortable. But even then, having your laptop elevated and tilted is a nice feature if your laptop pulls frequent desktop stints.

I’ll admit, I’m not a laptop stand connoisseur. I’m sure there are plenty of other options out there that are more customizable, flashier, more functional, etc., etc. What I do know, however, is that the Aviiq is razor thin and a svelte 5.5oz. It vanishes in literally any bag. And it’s plain metallic look is actually pretty utilitarian. I like it.

As thin as the Aviiq is, some may question the $79.99 price tag. I mean, it’s a simple piece of thin metal. Ah, yes. You’re right. It is thin. But being thin means more design and engineering has to go into research making sure that the thin design won’t compromise the stand’s structural integrity. And all that extra engineering means research dollars. As long as you’re not practicing those new Yoga moves you YouTube’d the other day on top of your Aviiq, I’m sure it will please you with it’s ergonomic performance and strength, despite what the small size may tell you.

Purchase yours now at Aviiq.

**Thank you to Aviiq for sending me a sample to review.
***Stay tuned, video coming soon…


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