Legally burned CD’s are evil and Radiohead is “a problem”. Love: The Boy Scouts of America


There isn’t anything more eye opening and humorous than watching an out of touch, technologically incompetent organization try to justify their bassakwards beliefs and rules. Today’s fine example comes from the Boy Scouts of America. While everything for the nature-loving type is all well and swell, when it comes to electronics as a whole, they’re about as retarded as it gets.

Exhibit A: In a recent publication of “Scouting Magazine”, (the official magazine of the Boy Scouts), the braniacs behind the article recommend parents not play burnt discs (legal or not) because it could confuse children and comes out and calls innovative bands like Radiohead “a problem”.

Clearly, this is an organization that knows what they’re talking about… ->


So how can Scouters teach ethical behavior related to music downloading? One way: Set a good example. When you haul around Scouts in your car, for example, only play CDs that you’ve purchased. If you play CDs that you’ve burned—even if they’re legal—your Scouts may not recognize the difference between those and the pirated CDs friends have given them.

Part of the problem, ["longtime Scouter" Dr. Tony] Aretz says, lies in the Internet’s free-for-all nature, where users get all sorts of content free—even information from newspapers that they would have to pay for in the real world. Bands like Radiohead have further complicated the situation by giving their music away or offering it on a “pay what you want” basis.

Basically, the Boy Scouts (at least the magazine) are against digital music. If you buy music online, putting it on disc is the only way you can carry it with you if you don’t do the whole mp3 player thing. If this is the type of “reporting” and outlook we can expect from the Boy Scout organization, we can pretty much write them off as dead.

Digital is increasing everywhere you look. Coming out and incorrectly stating that legally purchased content shouldn’t be used as to “prevent confusion” or that it is “a problem” is the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen yet. Agree?



  • October 1, 2010 2:50 pm
  • by: Mike
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  • Wex

    “Scouts may not recognize the difference between those and the pirated CDs friends have given them.”
    Does the genius behind the article consider the Boy Scouts to be completely idiotic? I know some people do, but even a person of their own? Wow…

  • Mike

    “A person of their own…” ??

  • Andrew

    I am a Boy Scout, and my favorite band is Radiohead. Luckily, my troop adult leaders are not anything like this guy who wrote the article. But I have noticed that the Official Boy Scouts of America seem to make a lot of stupid and annoying rules. Also, Radiohead’s pay what you want was totally legal, and the peson who wrote that article probably has never even listened to radiohead.

  • Mike

    Good to hear you’ve at least got some common sense. ;)

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