Steve Jobs finally wants you to finger more than just his iDevices…maybe


I remember hearing the beginning rumors of a touch iMac years and years ago, probably before the first iFone. None the less, this is still a much desired piece to my Apple collection. Supposedly, Apple is testing out panels for a future touchy type iMac. Now, if these rumors are actually, *finally* true, what do you think will come of it? Do you think we’ll have a hit like we have with all the iPhones and iPods we use and fingerblast all day long? Or will the dorks, including myself, just be sitting at their desks at home “greasing” up their monitors and making huge messes.

I like the idea. But at the same time I kind of don’t. I would for sure get some sort of Jersey Shore protective film for it, since no one that reads this site would ever enter to win it, but still. Would this benefit our desk lives? Or should we push for a touch MacBook. I’m sure most of you remember the touch MacBook mod from like a year ago. I think Apple would have more success with a portable model, somewhat like their iPad, just lest party piece, and more work related. I mean, the iPad is more for your wider screened iFapping than it is business.

I guess we’ll see what happens in the future, if these are just stupid iRumors, or if they turn into a reality. Either way, my iDevices probably won’t be able to WiFi sync with it… :(

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  1. Mike says:

    You had me @ Jersey Shore…

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