The Outlet of Tomorrows companion: The Line Block


It seems as if we’re always seeing new and innovative electrical outlet designs. On the flip side, however, we never really see anything new and exciting when it comes to what’s actually being plugged into said outlet. The cable that tethers our gadgets and electrical devices hasn’t changed in decades. Why should everything else have all the fun?

That’s what the “Line Block” hopes to change. The key design element with the Line Block is the puzzle-like design which allows the stacking or coupling of multiple cords. As anyone who owns their fair share of electronics, having stackable/easily containable cords is a god send. If we had the Line Block now, we could throw out all of those twist ties as well as over priced cable management solutions.

Of course, the biggest hurdle isn’t making all of these cables — Ultimately needing hundreds of millions, if not billions — but actually getting dozens upon dozens of hardware/gadget/electronics manufacturers to all come together and agree on some kind of standard so that the Line Block could actually be born. To dream the impossible dream…

(Larger pic inside)




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