Give the gift of music: Steve Jobs giving Chilean miners new iPods

  • October 13, 2010 5:00 pm

For the Chilean miners whom are finally seeing the light of day after 70 days 1/2 mile underground, simply walking in the light is enough of a gift. Besides surviving a mine collapse and being reunited with their families, a third bout of luck is on the miners’ way. LeFigaro is reporting that Apple CEO Steve Jobs himself will be personally gifting the rescued miners their very own iPods. For a man (and a company) literally swimming in cash, giving away a dozen or two iPods is an atom of a drop in a bucket. Nevertheless, it’s a nice gesture by Jobs and shows how uncommonly compassionate he can be.

As of writing, the actual iPod model to be gifted is not known. But fear not, we’ve shot an email off to Apple and are awaiting a response. Honestly though, any free Apple product is impressive enough.

Via: AppAdvice


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