10.7 to get touch layer, new iOS elements, and revamped “quick look”.

  • October 18, 2010 9:07 pm
  • by: Mike

Wednesday’s “Back to the Mac” keynote is but a mere 36 hours away. The chief subject will of course be OS X. With iOS taking all the limelight the last 12-18 months, it’s nice to see Apple returning to their desktop roots. While we’re on that subject, rumors of a revamped UI and replacing the aged “Aqua” look that dates back pre-Tiger were supposedly coming with Snow Leopard. As we all found out, however, the UI refresh didn’t happen. But 10.7 looks like it could be the playground for Apple’s UI designers to stretch their legs once again.

Unconfirmed reports from a source of MacStories has pegged OS X 10.7 (Lion?) with several new UI features. Namely, the death of Aqua (at the very least, a mild touch up) include redesigned scrollbars that will supposedly take design cues from iPhone scroll bars — minimalistic is key. On top of Aqua-less scrollbars, the super springy rubberbanding effect that made iOS popular at it’s birth will make the jump across to the desktop.

Two other major talking point is Quicklook and touch. As far as Quicklook — gone are the translucent black windows. In their place will be a new white background with popover support in the searchlight menu. With as popular and well versed as Apple has become with touch-based input and iOS in general, incorporating that into OS X is a given. The only question is “when”.

Again, these reports are unconfirmed and honestly, are along the lines of what many already suspect — some form of UI redesign is going to happen. And until Wednesday, it’s a crapshoot. While I actually like Aqua as it is in 10.5 and 10.6, some of the rumors do sound mighty tasty.

Will 10.7 finally be the death of Aqua?

Source: MacStories
Via: AppleInsider



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