AMD 6850 and 6870 officially named, sit down for some camera time.

  • October 19, 2010 6:30 am
  • by: Mike

Hmmm, fresh, shiny graphics cards. The 68xx-series is hardly a surprise. We’ve known about them and seen them several times before already. Alienbabeltech has gotten their hands on a slew of review units and is currently putting them through their paces. Once the embargo is lifted, we’ll finally get to see what AMD’s been hard at work on over the last year. Speaking of which, these are the first GPU’s from AMD’s ATI brand that will feature AMD branding. As you may recall, AMD put the official kibosh on the ATI brand many weeks back. They’re going for a more unified front. Hey, whatever floats their boat, right?

All I know is the holiday season is going to be mighty interesting with the cards AMD has on tap. Anyone holding out for some new AMD silicon? On that note, we have a date to look forward to: October 22nd. Check out a couple more pics waiting inside…


Source: Alienbabeltech



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