Review: #Agloves — the touchscreen loving gloves.

  • October 23, 2010 4:46 pm

After using the IsoToner touchscreen compatible gloves, I came away both intrigued and let down. On one hand, the gloves themselves were fairly warm and did work well in allowing me to interact with my iPhone. On the other hand, they were too thick for quick typing. Their use is more for the occasional glance at information. At least in my case, I want a glove that is both thin enough so that I can type at near normal, un-gloved speeds as well as a glove that will still keep my fingers warm. Can the Agloves stand up to that challenge? You’ll have to step inside to find out…

I won’t lie, I really like these gloves. For someone with smaller hands, they’re nice and snug — precisely what you want in this situation. Snug gloves not only mean a nice precise point to touch the screen with, but also better warmth. I could talk all day of how I love these gloves, though without any real explanation of how they work, it wouldn’t really mean much. With that said…

The Agloves is a clever naming scheme for these digit warmers in that it’s a play on words. The main element that allows the your body’s natural conductive properties to transfer through the gloves and register on the now common capacitive touchscreens is Silver #47 on the periodic table. For those of you not familiar with your chemistry, Silver’s symbol is “AG”. Mash the word “Glove - the “g” (love)” onto the end and the end result is the catchy name.

Surely there has to be something else that is at work here, right? Nope! Silver strands interlaced throughout the Agloves is all it takes. It’s actually quite simple yet so very effective. Speaking of being interlaced, I love how the entire glove has the silver fibers intertwined. Instead of one or two fingers, your whole hand is available.

The tight fit and supreme accuracy do come at a bit of a warmth premium though — these gloves are not as warm as the similarly designed IsoToners. Then again, the IsoToners limit you to using 4 fingers total. With that said, I don’t think the designers and engineers of the Agloves designed them with the intention of protecting you from -40 degree temperatures and wet, icy conditions. But a mild 20-40 degree fall/winter/spring day — it’s all good.

The coolest part for me is really just picking up my phone and banging out an email without having to expose my hands to the elements, naked and vulnerable. They’re easy to slip on on off — though there’s really no reason to take them off. They are insulating enough to keep your paws warm on all but the coldest days. But the best part is the price — $17.99. Similar gloves will easily shoot past $20, $30, and even $40. Granted, some of that is for the added insulation. In this case however, we’re more interested in not so extreme protection. And for that, the Agloves excel perfectly.


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