Review: Proporta Silicone iPhone 4 Reception Case.

Ah, a case that states right in the name what it’s there for — fixing your iPhone 4 signal attenuation problem. The Proporta Silicone iPhone 4 Reception Case is a soft skin case that aims to wrap your precious iPhone 4 in steril rubber. I say steril because it is made of Proporta’s trademarked “SteriTouch” material. For those who are squeamish about germs, this could be your case. How’s it in the pocket. Does it actually help with signal attenuation. All are very good questions. And all of the answers are just after the jump…

I’ll start off by saying this is one of the thinnest rubber cases I’ve ever tested. That’s both a good and bad thing. The good part of it is that it’s extremely light, flexible, and doesn’t add any bulk in your pocket. The negative side, however, is that thinner case walls means less shock absorption/protection. And a phone that is covered in glass on two sides, equally over 85% of the device, is begging for some protection.

Besides being the thinnest rubber case I’ve tested, it’s also one of the most slippery. Pocket-sticking issues are far from problematic. Short of dousing your phone in crisco oil, there isn’t much else that’ll slide through your hands as easily. Another one of those good/bad moments. Good: much less lint and dirt is attracted. Bad: possibility of dropping is higher. As you can see, it’s a common trend. You give a little to get a little. It all depends on what you want to give, and what you get in return.

Now, while the claim to helping the iPhone’s reception is true, it’s not necessarily one I’d consider unique enough to actually put in the name of the product. Any case you put on the phone (save for metal/aluminum ones) is going to protect the antennas and keep your hands from bridging them, resulting in the witnessed signal drop that caused the hole antenna-gate scandal.

In my case (no pun intended), I preferred the Mizu simply because it was thicker and more durable, if ever so slightly. Some will want the slightly thinner Silicone case. It really comes down to what your prefer, because neither one of these cases — the Mizo or the Silicone — are bad.

Proporta: Silicone iPhone 4 Reception case w/ SteriTouch.