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Another day, another review. This one is a bit different than the iSkin cases that we reviewed a few days back in that it is (1) clear and (2) actually a tad thicker. Normally the clear cases are thinner than the traditional, colored rubber-like case. Not this time. The Proporta Mizu is definitely something you’re going to want to take a look at. But before you scurry off, crawl inside to check it out…

If you’re not the type who likes seeing the dust and daily grime collecting along the case sides of your iPhone case, you have to do one of two things: either wash your phone/case every couple of days/weekly, or…get a different case. In reality, however, it’s really not that bad.

The Proporta Mizu is hands down one of the best clear/rubber/gell skins I’ve had. Really. It has the perfect balance of weight, protection (for this type of case), and feel. In regards to weight, it’s a thin rubber case. It’s far from heavy. No complaints here. Protection: it will easily fend off all but the most severe scratches on the back and sides of the phone. The front, however, is naked as naked could be. But to fair, few case manufacturers include any type of screen protection unless it is built into the case (such as the Ballistic or Otterbox cases).

One thing I especially like about the Mizo over another very similar case, the iSkin Solo, is that the sides are thicker. The added thickness is ever so slight. But every little millimeter helps, especially given the iPhone 4′s delicate structure. Corner/side drops are more common than a full on front or back landing. As such, the added cushion on the sides while slight, could end up being the difference between a slight chip and a bad, bad day.

Finally, how does it feel? I’m pleased to say that this rubber case doesn’t feature that typical “rubber” feel. That is, you don’t have to worry about it sucking in every ounce of lint in the room, let alone your pocket. It’s smooth, yet soft. The perfect design for a soft case.

At $30.95, it falls in line with the typical smartphone case. No complaints here. I wouldn’t mind $5-$10 knocked off the price, but whataya going to do… You won’t be disappointed with the Proporta Mizu.

Proporta: Mizu Case




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