Zotac GTX 460 x2: for those who want a streamlined SLI option.


Generally speaking, if you have one graphics card and want better performance, you buy a second and slap it into your rig. If your graphics card was laughably week to begin with, sometimes even upgrading to a more beefy single card is all that’s needed. Both single and dual-GPU configurations have the pros and cons. Thankfully, during most product cycles, Nvidia and ATI have given us the best of both worlds — “x2″ editions of GPUs which feature two GPU dies on a single PCB.

With Nvidia’s GTX 460 being hands down one of the most attractive options for cheap speed, SLI seems like a no brainer. Hell, two of these cards pair together can easily beat a single GTX 480 as well as stand toe-to-toe in several different games with CrossfireX ATI 5850′s and to a slightly lesser degree, CrossfireX 5870′s. Obviously, these cards have some power.

And now it gets even better as Zotac has announced plans to release an “X2″ version… Their are numerous pluses with this new card. For starters, you now essentially have two graphics cards in one. That saves space. Also, being sandwiched together on the same PCB means a slightly lower overall cost than if you picked up two GTX 460′s separately.

In regards to hardware specs, the GTX 460 x2 will feature (2) GF104 cores linked via an internal NF200 SLI chip with 2GB of Samsung-made GDDR5 handling all of those luscious pixels. Power requirements are understandably a little different than your typical GTX 460. With two GF104 dies buddying up, two 8-pin power connectors are needed to keep all the electrons moving appropriately. Finally, connection options for the GTX 460 x2 are somewhat freakish to look at — 4 DVI connectors crammed into close quarters with a mini-HDMI port begging for your attention. If all of that isn’t enough for you, there will be an additional SLI slot allowing you to pick up another GTX 460 x2. For the record, that’s quad-SLI. And it’s awesome.

Heat dissipation is still being worked on, however. As you can understand, Zotac is having to create an all new custom cooler for this baby beast. But rest assured, this thing will run relatively cool (compared to a hot-headed 480 or course) when all is said and done.

Look for pricing and more specs when the card is actually announced. Gallery inside…


Source: EXP Review
Via: Hardware Caunucks



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