Angry Birds plush to be unveiled tomorrow, cost $15 a pop?

  • October 28, 2010 6:50 pm

By now, Angry Birds plush toys are far from a secret, save for any pricing and release date info. But that too can now be shuffled over to a “known” category. A tipster of Crunchgear spilled the beans, claiming the official revealing is coming tomorrow, and that these rage-filled birds will be dropping on a website called “ToyWiz” sometime in December for $15 a pop. So if you want all 5, that’ll be $75 USD please.

It’s a tad high for some stuffed animals really. But Angry Birds is pretty much the greatest thing ever. So I, along with countless other helpless soles will simply nod, whip out the credit card, and charge it away. Hey, you only live once. Why not live with some big ass Angry Birds on your couch, right?

We’ll keep you updated…

Source: ToyWiz
Via: MobileCrunch

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