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Motorola Officially Two Separate Companies Effective January 4th. #motorola

We knew it was coming for quite some time, and on January 4th it is official — Motorola will be two separate companies from here on out. The two new companies being formed will be called Motorola Solutions, Inc. and Motorola Mobility Holdings, Inc. The former will be headed by Greg Brown and focus on Motorola’s hardware infrastructure (think more corporate-oriented devices and services). Meanwhile, the latter will be under the command of Sanjay Jha and focus on consumer devices.

To end users like you and I, the change won’t really materialize into anything noticeable or meaningful. However, the new found freedoms and re-structuring will hopefully allow the same type of innovation and execution that has been employed over the last 12 months.

2011 will definitely be a good year for Motorola Mobility Inc.
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Verizon LTE Network Going Live December 5th. Accompanied by Two LTE Modems. #vzw #lte

That Verizon press conference we hinted at earlier has had several details leaked early, slipping out online earlier tonight. At tomorrow’s event, Verizon will reportedly announce December 5th as the official LTE launch day as well as taking the wraps off of two new LTE modems. Speaking of which, the LG VL600 and Pantech UML290 (both shown inside) aren’t the slimmest of USB modems. Then again, every other modem on the market isn’t packing an LTE radio inside.

The press conference goes down tomorrow, December 1st at 12pm (noon) EST. Be sure to check back here at for coverage of the event.
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Sony Ships 4.1 Million Moves - Not Actual Sales

This morning Sony had some numbers waiting for everyone after the release of Microsoft Kinect sales numbers. According to a Sony press release, they had sold 4.1 million Move Controllers.

Well, it looks like Sony is backtracking a tad bit; now claiming to only have shipped 4.1 Moves to retailers world wide. As many in the retail world will know, shipping and selling are two completely different numbers. Do you think Sony intentionally mislead with their numbers, or was it an honest mistake? Either way Sony claims to be getting more and more requests for Move’s.

Winamp For Android Drops Beta Tag, Adds WiFi Sync. #android #winamp

After several weeks donning a beta tag, Winamp for Android is now an official product. Kicking off that excitement of the new post-beta release is one big new feature — WiFi Sync. It’s obvious to see why and how this is beneficial. On top of that, users can now update their Android Winamp playlists via a Windows PC running Winamp as well as import their iTunes playlists for easy migration. Finally, Shoutcast MP3 radio stations can be played within the app instead of needed a separate one. And if I must say, Winamp for Android looks really awesome!

While things are quickly improving for Android, Winamp’s parent company, AOL, has stated that due to Apple’s strict guidelines and monopolistic approach towards iOS media, it’s unlikely that we’ll see an iOS version of Winamp. Disappointing for sure, though not all that unsurprising.

Winamp for Android is free in the Android Market and requires Android OS 2.1 or higher.

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HSPA+ Netgear Turbo Hub Coming to Rogers. #rogers

Canadian cellular carrier Rogers, took time Tuesday to unveil their new HSPA+ router, which will allow up to 15 connected users to enjoy Rogers’ faster data network to the tune of 7.2Mbps-21Mbps. To achieve the latter, customers will have to pay an extra $10CAD ($9.80) per month in order to make use of those higher speeds. Furthermore, Rogers customers will be required to subscribe to a data plan that totals at least $35CAD ($34.30) per months. With that said, the most affordable $35CAD plan offers up a paltry 3GB per month. Clearly, if you want to use this router for anything other than very basic web browsing, you’ll need to set aside a fair amount of change.

As for the hardware, interested users will be able to pick up the new router for $150CAD ($147) when purchased with a two-year contract or $300CAD ($294) sans contract.

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T-Mobile G2 Hardware Security Cracked — For Good This Time.

While HTC and T-Mobile stand by their reasoning for locking down the G2, many developers realized what a capable piece of hardware it was, and in turn, have worked tirelessly for many weeks to unlock the true potential of the device. From here on out, the G2 just became “the” Android phone for devoted users. Basically, what it means is that the T-Mobile G2 is now stripped of all hardware security and is as open and free as the hallowed Nexus One.

Currently the methods and steps needed to unshackle your G2 are extremely advanced, and deal with among other things, lots of HEX editing. If you have to ask — don’t even being to attempt it. With that said, a simpler, more consumer-based unlock/crack is in the works. Keep checking back and we’ll let you know when things go live for everyone. In the meantime, familiarize yourselves with both the ongoing thread at XDA as well as the handy XDA Wiki.

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Myspace Announces New Mobile Site and iOS App. #ios #myspace

Myspace may not be the social juggernaut that it once was, but that hasn’t stopped them from trying to win back our attention. This morning Myspace announced both a new mobile website and upcoming iPhone app update aiming to re-invent the once popular brand’s image. On that note, the new mobile site is live as we speak. The iOS app on the other hand merely has a “coming in a few weeks” phrase attached to it. Though as we can see from the image (right), it looks pretty slick.

While we’re on the topic of the new iOS update — supposedly the new app will automatically display band info within your stream based on what music you have loaded on your iOS device. Sounds pretty cool on paper. Though I’m not sure I’d want to really follow every comment from every band I have on my phone. Can you say clutter? Another “feature” of sorts is the fact that users won’t be required to log in on either the mobile website or iOS app.

It’s a good start — the new look and added features — but the true test will be actually stopping the bleeding of users. Last month Myspace claims they had 60 million visitors. A big number for sure, though far less than previous years and even now, declining monthly. We’ll see…

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Microsoft Sells 2.5 Million Kinects in First 25 Days on Sale. #kinect #microsoft

It appears that Microsoft has a winning combination on their hands with the Xbox + Kinect set up. Since launch day 25 days ago, Microsoft has sold over 2.5 million — this according to an official statement by Microsoft. On the subject of explosive Kinect sales, Microsoft’s president of Interactive Entertainment Business, Don Mattrick, had the following to say:

“We are thrilled about the consumer response to Kinect, and are working hard with our retail and manufacturing partners to expedite production and shipments of Kinect to restock shelves as fast as possible to keep up with demand”

Motion gaming is really starting to pick up. I personally haven’t bitten yet and find the overall hype a bit gimmicky. But I’d love to hear what some of our readers think. Care to share?

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Verizon Holding Press Conference December 1st Detailing LTE Launch Plans. #verizon #lte #vzw4g

Tomorrow at 12pm. EST, Senior VP and Chief Technical Officer of Verizon Wireless, Tony Melone, will unveil to the world Verizon’s official launch plans and roll out schedule for their upcoming LTE network. Speaking of which, the goal is to cover over 110 million people across 38 different markets with LTE wireless waves by years end. With tomorrows press conference and daily arrival of LTE SIM cards at VZW stores, things are about to kick into overdrive.

If you can’t bare to miss a second of the action, be sure to follow @VerizonWireless and/or #vzw4g as well as for the latest.

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