[Update] Irony: Monster’s “Apple approved headphones” don’t work on Apple products.

  • November 1, 2010 12:26 pm

Why the “Irony” tag? Oh…only because Monster produces overpriced garbage. But if we look past that to the object of this story, it actually has to do with a faulty design (supposedly on Monster’s part) in regards to iPhone/iPod/iPad usage. Specifically, the aforementioned users can expect “erratic play, puase, next/previous, and stopping behavior”. And this isn’t some small-time issue either. BGR’s source from within Apple has stated that it’s a pretty widespread thing, and that Apple is trying to distance themselves from the problem so that people don’t think that Apple is the problem.

Speaking of which, the source of the problem as determined by Apple is a “misuse of Apple’s Remote and Mic technologies”. The faulty part in question is simply called a “conductive flange”. It is these flanges that are causing the shorts, and in turn the funky behavior. Granted, this is coming from Apple whom obviously wants to show that it’s the “other guy’s fault”. However, taking into consideration that no other headphones from any other “certified” manufacturers exhibit this issue, I’m willing to side with Apple this time.

As for affected models, it’s actually quite a lot — Jamz, Lil Jamz, Turbine Basic, Turbine Pro and Heartbeats. We’ve fired off an email to Monster so we can get their side of the story, which I’m sure will go something like “it’s not us…it’s them”. Check back soon…


Official Monster response after the jump…

Monster was recently made aware by Apple that some of our Jamz™, Turbine™ and Heartbeats™ headphones with ControlTalk™ may experience some irregularities under certain circumstances (it does NOT affect ControlTalk™ Universal). This irregularity potentially affects a very small fraction of our headphones and to this date we have received no customer complaints. However, because the customer experience is our top priority, Monster immediately stopped shipment of all potentially affected products.

With the exception of the black or chrome Heartbeats with ControlTalk™, this issue does not affect any other of the Beats™ by Dr. Dre™ products. If you think you are experiencing a problem with one of the headphones listed below, please contact Monster customer service [http://www.monstercable.com/service] to receive a replacement.

Potentially affected products include ControlTalk versions of Lil Jamz™, Jamz™, Turbine™, Turbine Pro and Heartbeats™.

Source: BGR

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