Sapphire Releases “Trixx”, GPU Overclocking Tool for PC Enthusiasts.

  • November 4, 2010 8:04 am

Custom PC builders and fans of computer overclocking now have another tool to add to their collection. Popular computer hardware manufacturer, Sapphire, has released a new GPU overclocking tool called “Trixx”. Essentially, it does the same thing as several other tools provided GPU manufacturers — allows you to adjust frequency clocks and voltages on your graphics cards, as well as letting your tweak fan settings. The latter is a huge help, especially when high overclocks are concerned. Heat = bad.

As you can see from the image above, the limits rise quite considerably from ATI’s own 1,000MHz-limited overdrive tool. Granted, not every card is going to run at 1,300MHz as outline by one of the images inside. Nevertheless, the option to run free with your hardware is always nice.

The current version on Sapphire’s website is listed as Ver. 3.0 beta. With that said, don’t be too surprised if a bug or two pops up. Also, you’ll need to sign up for Sapphire’s SSC club to actually download Trixx. A small annoyance considering no other hardware manufacturer does (as far as I know). But even then, populating the registration fields with half-hazard, false information just to get the tool doesn’t take long anyway.

Whenever you can save $50-100 bucks and tweak your hardware to even perform better than said higher priced cards, you have done well. Let us know how Trixx treats you.

[Trixx Download -- Sapphire]


Via: LegitReviews, TechGage


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  • VGKitov

    Works well, but not as flashy as Afterburner. Overal it does the job.