Gmail Receives 5 New Themes

  • November 5, 2010 1:30 pm
  • by: Mike

The customizers of the internet bunch are going to like the expanded Gmail theme library today. On their blog the Gmail team took the wraps off of 5 new themes: 2 minimalist light/dark, “Tree Tops”, “Marker”, and my personal favorite, “Android”. Head on over to your Gmail settings page and click on “Themes” to check the new ones out. They’re not all grouped together so you’ll have to search for a quick second.

The two minimalist themes are simple light/dark skins — bare minimum. Tree Tops gives your gmail account the look of a rain forest. Android has the famed green paint plastered all over the place as well as a couple of nifty Android guys hangin’ out. Finally, Marker takes the look of a piece of paper with highlighter markings making up the borders and such.

Ok, I have to correct myself. Android and Marker are my two favorites. The naming scheme is pretty much self explanatory. Check out the screenshots inside as a sort of “dry run”…


Source: Gmail Blog
Via: Switched


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