The Xserves Death in True Short Steve Jobs Fashion.

  • November 8, 2010 7:07 am

Emailing Steve Jobs is now about as synonymous with writing Santa for presents. If you have a wish/problem, Steve will respond. Sort of different than your parents posing as the man himself. But hey, you get the picture.

A French Xserv user who was saddened and upset by Apple’s decision to nix the high-end hardware shot off an email to none other than Steve Jobs. Hopefully he wasn’t looking for a long, detailed explanation, because as we all know, Steve Jobs’ responses are anything but. On that note, the official word according to Steve: “Hardly anyone was buying them.”

Shocking — I know. Sarcasm aside, it’s sad to see such a powerful piece of hardware die. Not to mention, Mac Pros just don’t fit into server racks quite as nicely.

Hop inside for a picture of the actual email exchange.

Source: MacGeneration
Via: 9to5Mac


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