The Foot Hath Been Shot: Hulu’s Attempts to Block Boxee Box Black Out Most Online Users.


Big content-owning companies (and companies who do business with them) aren’t the most intelligent, often being completely blind to the larger picture. Case in point: Hulu blocking any device that accesses their free, public web streams. The theory and rationale behind it is beyond backwards and stupid. But arguing about that could take weeks, countless pages, and at least a few trips to some heart-healthy fast food joint. For the sake of time and health, we’ll just say that the whole Hulu blocking tactic is ridiculous.

On that note, it appears an update pushed out by Hulu to block the newly released Boxee Box isn’t quite working as planned. Apparently, users on various browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple’s Safari, and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer are seeing a block message stating that they are using a Boxee Box and are therefor ineligible to watch whatever it is they’re trying to watch.

A rather minor issue no doubt. But an issue that doesn’t have to exist in the first place. You stay classy Hulu. God knows I love your paid “premium” service that still crams ads down my throat.

Source: Hulu Forums
Via: Engadget



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