Windows Phone 7 Requires “Permanent” SD Cards. No Longer Able to Install in Other Devices or Reformat. #wp7


We’ve already seen several instances of new Samsung Focus owners going against Microsoft’s best wishes and voiding their warranties by installing their own microSD cards. Now, voiding a warranty by replacing an SD card sounds ridiculous. (That’s because it is.) But voided warranties be damned, people want more storage. And that lust for more is starting to highlight some very big problems with Windows Phone 7, especially pertaining to external storage.

We already know Microsoft’s stance — that we wait for “Certified” SD cards to be released before cramming them into our WP7 devices. However, it’s not a matter of SD Classes as one would think. Engadget has already managed to fry an SD card of their own after attempting a swap in their Samsung Focus. Even more scary however, is the verbiage found in documentation on Samsung’s website:

A microSD card inserted into a Windows Phone 7 device and integrated into the device’s file system is intended to be a permanent modification to the device. Once a microSD card has been integrated into a Windows Phone 7 device’s file system, it will no longer be readable or writable on any other devices such as computers, cameras, printers, and so on. This includes an inability to format the microSD card for use in these devices. Improper use (including inserting or removing) of microSD cards on Windows Phone 7 devices may result in one or more of the following…

Clearly, Microsoft and/or Samsung dropped the ball big time. Under no circumstances should any OS or phone change an SD card so much that it is rendered useless (read: no more read/write ability) on all other gadgets/computers so much so that you can’t even reformat it.

Any other WP7/Samsung Focus owners care to chime in?

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