Microsoft Re-launches Games for Windows Live.

  • November 15, 2010 11:31 pm

For PC gamers, one of the most widely used and popular digital storefronts is Steam. Steam has a vast library, an intuitive interface, and pretty respectable prices. Microsoft’s Games for Windows Live on the other hand isn’t as big nor as popular. But one thing that does tip the scales in their favor is the ability to use Xbox Live Gamertag points on Windows Live and vice versa. The best of Xbox on the PC if you will. Up until today, Microsoft’s Games For Windows Live storefront required it’s own standalone app. But that ends tonight.

The new Games For Windows Live storefront is now live. With it is a new web portal that for all intents and purposes is better than the old app. It has a much sleeker, darker UI as well as a greatly expanded library. Unfortunately, after spending 10 minutes browsing around it’s apparent that Microsoft still has quite a ways to get in regards to library size. Popular titles such as the recently launched Call of Duty: Black Ops isn’t yet available. Nonetheless, a second digital store front can’t hurt. If anything, it’ll keep Steam on it’s toes and prices fair.

Finally, the new GFWL marketplace allows users to deposit money to their gamer tag and use it as a form of payment at checkout.

A pretty substantial update, no? But is it enough? Steam still has my vote. What about you?

Be sure to check out the re-launched Games For Windows Live Marketplace.

Via: Joystiq


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