Aigo Launches AigoPad N700 Tablet. Nvidia Tegra 2 Comes Along for the Ride. #tegra2

  • November 16, 2010 8:00 am

Apple certainly has the world gunning for them in the tablet space. Though unlike most of the hardware I’ve actually seen thus far, the AigoPad N700 tablet has me most excited. The specs include a 7″ WVGA display, 512MB RAM and up to 32GB of storage. Flash 10.1 support and 1080p video playback have also made the cut. Orchestrating the whole shebang is the tried and true Android 2.1. Powering it all is the single most exciting piece of the N700 — the Nvidia Tegra 2 processor.

The AigoPad N700 is now officially available for $452. Compared to the Galaxy Tab, what do you guys think?

Via: Geeky-Gadgets, Slashgear

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