Angry Birds Plush Toys Gaining More Sizes. Angry Pigs Joining the Fray. #angrybirds

  • November 16, 2010 8:35 am

Who says corporate America doesn’t listen to the voices of the consumer? In response to consumer demand, Rovio announced via Facebook that Angry Birds plush toys are are gaining some new friends after the holiday season. Specifically, the birds themselves will be coming in new sizes. More importantly however, the Pigs will be joining the fray — big pigs, little pigs, and even pigs with cracked helmets. From the picture above we can also make out what looks like a ball.

No pricing is available on the new products yet. But Christmas isn’t that far away. We’ll be sure to update you all once we know more. Anyone picked up any Angry Birds merchandise yet?

Via: Pocket-Lint, Facebook


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