How-to: Disable the Power Limiter on the GTX 580. #nvidia


No, my GTX 580 hasn’t quite arrived yet. That little venture of joy starts tonight. But for those of you who have received your GTX 580′s and prepared to benchmark the living joules out of them, you’ve no doubt found out about Nvidia’s new power-limiting feature of the card. Included within the new drivers are special conditions for certain high-stress applications and services. When certain applications such as popular benchmarking tool, Furmark, are used, Nvidia has the cards throttle down to limit heat and protect the inner components.

But thanks to one handy PC enthusiast, we can let the GTX 580 break through its digital shackles and really stretch its legs…

You see the thing is, hardcore overclockers and PC enthusiasts know what they’re doing. As such, they don’t need an artificial nanny telling them how to use their cards, even if death is a side effect. On that note, “W1zzard” from TechPowerUp has whipped up a little tool that quickly and easily disables the Nvidia GTX 580′s power limiter. And for those crying foul over warranty claims, make note: The power limiter is only temporarily disabled — once you restart, it is re-activated.

The process:

  • Download a special version GPU-Z: GPU-Z GTX 580 Test Build
  • Install
  • Launch via command prompt w/ the following command: “X:gpuz.exe /GTX580OCP” (Where “x” is the letter name of your drive)

This should come as no surprise, but: Do this at your own risk. Power limiters are there for a reason. And while Nvidia has greatly revamped the GTX 580 to put out less heat and use less power than previous Fermi-based cards, exceeding the rated power level can end badly.

With that said, have fun!

Source: TechPowerUp
Via: HardwareCanucks



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