Sandisk Pulls WP7-Compatible Memory Cards. #wp7


Ok, this is really getting ridiculous. First, Microsoft employes a security feature built into SD cards whose usefulness is questionable. And then they go and jack up the price on said cards, charging significantly more than the cards are worth. Though honestly, the actual manufacturer of the cards — in this case Sandisk — could be, and most likely are the real party at fault. Nonetheless, to say the whole WP7 SD card thing is a cluster is an understatement.

And now, it appears that the SD card issue has yet another monkey wrench — Sandisk has pulled all of the “WP7 Certified” memory cards from their site. Apparently, users were having problems with the officially “certified” cards. Granted, there really could be something wrong with them. At the same time, Sandisk cards are easily (and frequently) faked. With the latter said, I wouldn’t expect fake cards on Sandisk’s own website.

Anyone thinking Microsoft’s adoption of specific SD cards and security features is beginning to look like a bad idea?

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  • November 20, 2010 9:27 am
  • by: Mike
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