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Portable speakers for things like mp3 players and cellphones are generally not worth the trouble (or sound quality). So when I was presented with an iMainGoX by Spectronics, I wasn’t exactly jumping for joy. Yeah, I love getting new gadgets to review. I’ll never get tired of that. But tiny portable speakers generally sound like junk, are cumbersome, and all too often are overpriced. And for someone who cherishes audio quality, such a combination doesn’t bode well. But alas, I entered into this adventure with an open mind. The iMainGoX review awaits…

Appearance & Construction

Upon sliding the top cover off the cardboard sarcophagus, you’re greeted with a rather large contraption that looks a lot like a case for headphones. Though in this case, there are two small speakers and a slew of ports slapped on top. One thing’s for sure — the iMainGoX is durable. You could drop this off a 10-story building multiple times and it would come out quite alright. On top of that, there is even a little pocket for which to store a phone or mp3 player and extending that rugged protection to your music source as well. A handy feature to have considering the iMainGoX is marketed as a mobile audio accessory.

As for the “slew of ports” mentioned earlier, the top of the device is certainly packed. There are your two main speakers as well as two headphone inputs just in case you’d like to “go private” and yet still share the audio goodness with another body. On top of that, if you feel like adding in your own vocals later on, there’s a handy mic port nestled in between one of the headphone ports and the DC power jack.

Sound Quality

Ah yes. How does the iMainGoX actually sound. Audiophiles already know to avoid things like this. That’s just the nature of convenience and miniaturization. You can’t win ‘em all. But for the masses, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. While it won’t win any awards for audio quality, the iMainGoX does have a strong sound considering the size of the humble speakers. Actually, strong isn’t quite descriptive enough. Impressive is a better choice of words.

Sitting on a table, say at lunch at school or in your room on a desk, the iMainGoX will easily fill the area with warm audio, accompanied by a rather stout amount of bass. The bass of couse isn’t chest-pounding. Nonetheless, it is easily audible yet not overpowering or overly mushy — all things that typically plague small portable speakers such as these. Even when cranked up to 11, distortion is non-existant. Again, pretty surprising given the mobile underpinnings.

Battery Life

There isn’t really much to say in regards to battery life. The company claims 12 hours of portable use. I average roughly 9-11 hours depending on the volume. Your mileage may vary. Though overall, you should easily be able to go a few days between battery swaps.

Final Thoughts

I myself am a solo listener. That is, I rarely share music with others in a public setting. In that light, the iMainGoX doesn’t really fit my style of travel nor music enjoyment. But there are plenty of people that I know personally (and those I see out in public) who would love the iMainGoX and how it allows multiple headphone users as well as pleasing a crowd via the built-in speakers. Enjoying this little package of sound is largely dependent on what type of person you are. Do you prefer a social music listening experience, or, do you like to keep to yourself?

Interested parties can find the iMainGoX retailing for $69.95.





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