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Update: Another iOS Alarm Bug Appears to Welcome in 2011.

Tonight, Twitter is quickly filling with reports of a new iOS alarm bug plaguing Apple’s iOS devices. Specifically, single-use alarms are failing to work once the calendar rolls around to 1/1/11. If you recall, back in November after Daylight Savings Time went into effect, we saw a similar alarm issue. Though at that time it was the exact opposite scenario — only recurring alarms were broken.

For now, users can get by the problem by setting recurring alarms and then deactivating it when not needed — not ideal, but better than nothing we suppose. We’ve shot off an email to Apple for clarification as well as to inquire about any ETA on a fix.

With the last DST bug, Apple wasn’t particularly quick to issue an update as they allowed the bug to live on several weeks until the iOS 4.2.1 update dropped. Hopefully they don’t take the same approach again.


Looks like we won’t have to wait for Apple to fix this alarm issue. 9to5Mac is reporting that come January 3rd, the alarm bug will apparently fix itself. There isn’t any exact explanation as to how it fixes itself, but January 3rd is now less than 48 hours away. Stay tuned…

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Happy New Year From Gadgetsteria!

Have fun and be safe. See you in 2011! Don’t forget, we’ll be at CES next week to bring you coverage of all the awesome gadgetry that 2011 will offer. See you there.

Massive 50% Staffing Cuts Rumored to be Coming to MySpace.

MySpace just can’t catch a break. Even after numerous desperate attempts to rebrand themselves, change their overall layout, and new logo, new rumors circulating this morning are painting a rather grim picture. According to AllThingsD, MySpace executives are looking to cut up to 50% of their own staff in the coming weeks. Combine that with further grim news that MySpace owner, News Corp. is looking to wash its hands of this social media disaster as well and the bleak outlook becomes even more apparent.

For now, MySpace is remaining mum on the claims above, though it is honestly the only logical decision if they hope to remain in business. And to think, just a few short years ago MySpace was many times larger than Facebook.

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Clear iSpot Being Discontinued.

Several months ago, Clear debuted a rather unique hotspot modem called the “iSpot”. By design, it was an iOS-specific device that would allow you to tether any and all iOS devices and enjoy up to 6Mbps download speeds. From start, hackers were interested on breaking the iSpot’s device restrictions — the reason being the discounted price of less than $100 for the iSpot hardware and a low $25/month for 4G data access. With that said, the actual process to get around the iSpot’s MAC-filtering security was neither hard nor lengthy in process.

Unfortunately, Clear hasn’t been so pleased with the iSpot’s lackluster security features and has decided to discontinue the modem effective immediately. However, Clear stores are still able to sell remaining stock. If I were you, I’d head down there now and see if they have any left. $25/month for unlimited WiMax is a pretty sweet deal.

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iPhone ECG Case Makes a Legitimate Medical Device Out of Your iPhone. Costs Less than $100.

It might sound cliche, but the catch-phrase “There’s an app for that!” may be more true than we once thought. Take for example, the latest foray for Apple’s little wonder device — the medical field. In actuality, there have already been several different apps released that allow it to function as a medical device. Though now the iPhone can add another notch to its belt as app + hardware combo developed by Seattle, Washington-based Alivecor turns the iPhone into a functioning ECG.

The hardware itself looks no larger than a medium sized iPhone case with metal contacts on the back. Speaking of which, the hardware is being built by Oregon Scientific and is rumored to cost less than $100 per unit — not bad at all for a legitimate medical device.

The iPhone ECG device will be making an appearance in a few days at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show. Check back for more details then. In the meantime, hop on past the break to check out a video showing off the iPhone ECG’s abilities and features…

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Flexible AMOLED Displays From Samsung Coming to CES.

Tablets of every shape, size, and color may be the current fad in the tech media, but Samsung has another gadget up their sleeve that they’ll be showing off — flexible AMOLED displays! According to their press release, the displays that we’ll see at CES measure in at 4.5-inches in size with WVGA resolution (800 x 480). No other information is available at this point, but as we’ve said many times tonight: check back next week when we hit the CES show floor!

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Official Sprint 4028 MiFi Photos Hit the Web.

The Sprint-bound 4082 3G/4G MiFi device is something we’ve already seen detailed a time or two, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less pretty. Just look at that thing.

With the FCC certification now official, we could theoretically see a showcasing at next week’s CES. Hopes and dreams aside, did we mention this thing is gorgeous? The display on the front of the device will show a few handy pieces of information including signal strength and battery life. Pricing and release are unknown at this point. But as we said earlier, there’s a good chance we’ll find out more on this MiFi unit in the very near future.

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Lucky Customer Snags Sandy Bridge Laptop Early.

Sandy Bridge isn’t slated to be officially released until CES next week, but that doesn’t mean some loose fingers at various shipping facilities and retailers can’t work their magic. Though in this case, it was a mis-informed sales clerk at a local MicroCenter that sold this lucky customer his Sandy Bridge-equipped laptop ahead of schedule. Speaking of which, the laptop featured is an HP DV7-4290us complete with a Core i7-2630QM (Sandy Bridge) processor, 6 GB of RAM, and a mobile ATI Radeon 57xx GPU. The latter 2/3 of the specs aren’t all that exciting. The processor, however, is.

What’s most exciting about the Sandy Bridge platform overall is that it has decent performance improvements over the previous generation of Core processors. In the case of this particular laptop, the Core i7 2630QM is comprable to Core i7 870/Core i7 960 processors — desktop processors no less. Now are you excited about Sandy Bridge? Another picture after the jump.

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Rumors Point to LG Honeycomb Tablet CES Debut.

CES is still several days from starting and yet rumors of what we’ll see are starting to kick into high gear. The latest rumor to work its way into our giant gadget rumor fishing net (we really have one) comes from the Korea Times and focuses on LG’s tablet plans, specifically plans involving Android Honeycomb. While we don’t know much of anything about LG’s upcoming Android tablet(s) hardware-wise (save for the rumored 8.9″ display), we’ll supposedly be finding out more once CES kicks off next week. According to the source, LG is feeling the heat from Motorola and Samsung — both of whom will be showing off new Android tablets at CES — and is pushing their tablet plans into the fast lane.

One thing’s for certain: There won’t be any shortage of tablet news this year…
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