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In our daily travels through the interwebbs, our computers are silently attacked by faceless villains across the world. Helping us make the journey safely are a bevy of anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware programs. But every once in a while, a computer becomes unusable not because of the latest and greatest virus, but because of the very software that is supposed to protect us. With that said, users of popular anti-virus software, AVG, will be waking up to a potentially nasty surprise — an un-bootable computer.

The culprit is the latest virus database update, version 271.1.1/3292 (432/3292), which was released at 12.53am CET. The error message being seen:

STOP: c0000135 The program can’t start because %hs is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

According to AVG, it’s not as bad as it seems. The fix as it stands now comes in a few flavors. Perhaps the quickest and least involved option is to boot into safe mode and do a system restore to a restore point that was made before the latest AVG update. If you are unable to boot into safe mode, proceed to option two which AVG highlights in detail here. Basically, it involves using an AVG Resource CD and renaming a buried system file. A third option involves using Windows 7 Startup Repair. Lastly, a fourth and final fix requires that you read this article before you restart following the update. If you do, find the “. preparations” folder located at C:\Program files (x86)\AVG\AVG10 (64-bit systems) and delete it. Then, continue on with the reboot as normal. You can also use the AVG program itself to delete all of the temporary update files as well.

As of writing, AVG has announced that they’ve removed the update from their servers, and that it is ok to go ahead and update your AVG software once again. Furthermore, AVG will be releasing a tool to help affected users within the next couple of days. Though if that’s not good enough and/or the above methods aren’t working, try taking a look at this thread in AVG’s forums which has several more detailed options to bring your computer back to life.

Anyone’s PC go down because of the update?


Commenter “ako” below found another method to try and fix the AVG problem

This helps me:

Navigate to:
Program FilesAVGAVG10 (32bit operating system)
Program Files (x86)AVGAVG10 (64bit operating system)

Find the following files:
avgrsx.exe or avgrsa.exe
avgchsvx.exe or avgchsva.exe

Delete the Files and reboot


Update 2

Could it be internal sabotage by a disgruntled employee? Apparently AVG just went through some “internal restructuring” the day before yesterday. On that note, when “sabotage by former employee” is mentioned, I always become skeptical myself. Far too often such a claim is made that in the end turns out to be completely false. Although, going by the tipster’s account of the two botched updates occurring in the same day (and a mere day and a half after massive layoffs no less) is certainly eye raising in and of itself.

With that said, the actual internal email sent out to AVG employees the morning of the layoffs is interesting nonetheless. The dots can certainly be connected in such a way to suggest some illicit dealings, though I’ll leave the final decision to each of you. Email after the jump…

Thel Email:

No further distribution – AVG proprietary and confidential – for AVG internal distribution only

Today we will take some important steps toward realigning AVG’s resources to better position our company for the future. The actions we are taking today are the result of a comprehensive review of our business and an assessment of the overall organization, as well as our operational effectiveness.

As a result of the operational review of our business, today we will start the process of refocusing key personnel on current growth initiatives as well as new and emerging areas of opportunity. In addition we will also streamline other areas of the business to drive efficiency. This means while we will be creating new opportunities, we will also be reducing the size of our overall workforce.

We have made hard choices, and our actions today are vital to achieving the right balance in terms of growth and managing our operating costs. The simple fact is: we must position AVG to acquire, retain and monetize our customer base in line with our corporate strategy and we need to get back to the things we do better than any other security company on earth, the things that differentiate us, the things that have gotten us this far:

  • The power of Free. Free users are critical to our financial success so we must invest in accelerating user growth to fully capitalize on opportunities.
  • The power of retention and monetization. We know that loyal users bring us great financial rewards. We have room to improve, and will continue to invest in improving the end-to-end user experience, customer retention, knowledge of our customer base, toolbar and overall monetization efforts, predominantly in the geographies with the most valuable customers and where we have the greatest potential for growth.
  • The power of the web: Our online distribution, customer support, customer influence and marketing efforts. Our broadest market reach, and most efficient channel to market, comes from our online presence. We will continue to invest in direct, online selling and enabling our channel partners to do the same.

In order to properly streamline our resources and to ensure we have the ability to make the right investments for growth, I have asked our senior leadership team to evaluate their current staffing levels and make hard decisions about projects, people and business objectives. As a result, we will be making a reduction in our workforce today and we will also be reorganizing several parts of the business.

Managers will be meeting the directly impacted employees first thing this morning. We have worked hard to create a generous a separation program and have engaged an outside firm to support impacted employees in finding new jobs outside of AVG.

Employees and team members that will not be impacted by our reduction in workforce are invited to join me and the senior leadership team for the following All-Hands meetings:

  • 1:00pm *Brno: All-Hands Meeting 1, Barcelona meeting room
  • 1:45pm Brno: All-Hands Meeting 2, Barcelona meeting room
  • 2:30pm Brno: All-Hands Meeting 3, Barcelona meeting room

      * with respect to the amount of invited employees and the capacity of the meeting rooms, we will run 3 sessions in Brno. Invitation to the individual sessions will be distributed directly to your calendars.
  • 3:30pm Prague: All-Hands Meeting - Video Conference
  • 4:30 pm UK: All-Hands Meeting - Teleconference
  • 5:30 pm US: Town Hall Meeting (12:00 pm EST/9:00 am PST) – ROW invited to join this call. (Zephyr)

Today is a challenging day for AVG, and as a result of our prioritization efforts we will be losing people that have helped with our success. And, at the same time we face an incredibly competitive market, in that AVG must drive growth and entrench ourselves in both current and emerging markets to ensure our success. As a strong growth company, our future is indeed bright, yet we are at an apex, our opportunity requires every ounce of our collective commitment, personal stamp of trust and quality, as well as our ingenuity. We need you to come to work each day with the energy and enthusiasm of a startup, focused on a simple set of priorities, with the determination of success and commitment to execute like a well-seasoned company.



Source: AVG
Via: Overclock.net Forums



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