Limewire Abandoning Legal Music Download Service? #limewire

  • December 2, 2010 7:42 pm

In my younger years, Limewire was “the next Napster”. It was easily one of the top P2P file-sharing services next to the likes of Morpheus and ShareBear to name a few (ah, the memories). But this past October, those childhood memories came to an end when major music labels finally brought down Limewire’s p2p business. Though in all honestly, over the last half a decade, Limewire had become less of a serious place to find music and more of a one-stop virus shop. Nevertheless, what’s done is done.

But even after the grim outlook that was portrayed after the October closing, Limewire said that there were better times ahead as they had secretly been working on a big *legal* music store front to go head to head with numerous other such store fronts similar to Apple’s iTunes, Amazon, and Walmart digital music stores. But even that appears to be a lost cause, with a new note on the company’s website proclaiming the end is near…

As you can see, the company isn’t holding much hope in the future. Although, we’re getting the same idea that many other tech blogs and news sources have touched on — Limewire is simply trying to de-value themselves so that come sentencing time, the fine the company has to pay is drastically lower.

Will you miss Limewire? How much weight do you put behind a Limewire resurgence after sentencing?

Source: AllThingsD
Via: Electronista


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