iOS 4.2 Cut Back iPad Dock Connector Power Output. Renders Many 3rd Party Attachments Useless. #ipad #ios


It appears that iOS 4.2 wasn’t all roses and sunflowers for iPad users. While the vast majority of features brought to iPad users with the latest iOS 4.2 update are highly functional, useful , it appears that at least one aspect of the iPad pre-iOS 4.2 has actually been impacted negatively. Specifically, users of the $29 iPad Camera Kit add-on dongles are finding that many different USB peripherals are failing to be recognized after upgrading to iOS 4.2. According to 9to5Mac, the Dock/USB woes can be traced to the fact that the dock connector now only outputs 20mA of power. Compare that to pre-iOS 4.2 levels which were measured at up to 100mA and you can see the problem. Now, a whole slew of 3rd party iPad accessories that make use of the 30-pin dock connector may not work due to the lower power allotment given to them.

It’s a rather senseless change that while probably done with good intentions, wasn’t thought through very well. Any iPad users experiencing dock connector woes with 3rd party accessories?

Via: 9to5Mac, TiPB



  1. Bill says:

    Hmm, wonder if apple has just upgraded themselves into another class action lawsuit

    • JordanSteria says:

      No, cuz another minor software update will fix it. It *is* only software based, hence it only happening on an upgraded iOS. 4.2.2 or whatever a minor update will bring for the iPad will fix it. If this was the case, everyone that dropped a call from the antenna or the proximity sensor on the iPhone 4 would have a suit filed against Apple.

      But this is actually less likely to cause problems, as Apple has no obligations to make 3rd party accessories compatible with it's devices.

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