Microsoft: “The Xbox 360 Faceplates Failed”. #fail #microsoft

  • December 16, 2010 10:11 am

In regards to massive engineering failures, the first generation Xbox 360 was one of the staple best. A poorly designed PCB and internal cooling system caused critical internal components to eventually wriggle apart and displaying the dreaded RRoD (Red Rings of Death) error. Over the last 5 years, the RRoD death has become as much of a sign of failure as it has the butt of countless jokes. Though theres one other big Xbox 360 failure that doesn’t get nearly the same amount of attention — customizable faceplates.

According to Microsoft’s Albert Penello in an interview with Official Xbox Magazine, customizable faceplates were “what everyone wanted to do”. Apparently not. Sales we never anything to write home about. With the recent Xbox 360 refrsh, the plates were discontinued entirely, leaving the scores of custom Xbox 360 faceplates to collect dust on retail shelves and forever live in the bargain bin at your local walmart checkout lane.

But one, rare occurrence where Microsoft admits defeat.

Source: Official Xbox Magazine
Via: Engadget, Kotaku

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