Android 2.3 Unofficially Comes to Nexus One. #gingerbread #android #nexusone


The Gingerbread source code that was recently released is currently being re-worked and ported across to various different Android devices. Oddly enough however, the Nexus One isn’t getting the love and attention either by Google or the developer world that it once was. With that said, if you just can’t wait for official Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) support from Google, one crafty Android dev by the name of Chris Soyars is your new friend. He took said code and packaged up an easy to install .zip file so that Nexus One owners can join in the Gingerbread party too.

There are some caveats to be aware of though. Currently, Chris’ special ROM is bone stock Gingerbread — that means there are not any Google Apps pre-installed. On top of that, the camera on the N1 isn’t functioning quite yet either. But if you really must have Gingerbread on your N1 now, head over to Chris’ site and get to downloading. Otherwise it shouldn’t be too long before N1 users get an official nod from Google.

Is the wait enough to break you, or will you cave in and forgo Google Apps and a functioning camera?

Source: Chris Soyars
Via: Androinica, AndroidCentral


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