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We may all drool over the latest and greatest PC hardware as it trickles onto the web, but quite honestly, it’s the same story year after year. More transistors, more cores, more efficiency combined with more processing power. The real excitement however, will come when scientists finally unlock quantum computing for the masses. The potential of such technology has far reaching and incredibly powerful potential. And thanks to the help of several intelligent physicists at the University of Utah, we are now one step closer to such technology…

An associate professor by the name of Christoph Boehme details how physicists where able to use the magnetic spin of an atom in order to store 112 seconds-worth of data on a single atomic nuclei. Even more impressive is that they were able to read the data back.

Don’t go demolishing your hard drives and writing of SSD technology just yet — there are a couple pretty large hurdles that stand in the way of mass adoption. For starters, the physicists were only able to acquire the advertised results at a chilly 3.2 degrees Kelvin — or more appropriately, this close to absolute zero. Also, a magnetic filed 200,000 times stronger than earth’s is needed in these early stages.

Obviously, these two hurdles will prove challenging in the coming years. But I have no doubt in 10-20 years time, we’ll be quantum computing like none other. Just give it time.

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