Carriers Seeking to Charge by Service? Can Even Detect Encrypted Services?


The slide above you is…ridiculous. It’s part of a webinar put on by two companies (Allot Communications and Openet) who supply AT&T, Verizon, and Vodafone with services. What you’re looking at is the beginning of the destruction of life as we know it should it ever be implemented by wireless carriers. The service as outlined above apparently can detect what you’re doing with your data connection and charge accordingly. Browsing a normal web page might cost you $0.01 per page, yet flipping over to Facebook’s mobile app would instantly skyrocket the charge up to $0.30 per page. That’s not right, nor should it ever be allowed. But we’re open-minded here at Gadgetsteria. Perhaps the quote from the webinar will appease us…

[We use] a number of different methods to accurately identify the application — methods like heuristic analysis, behavioral and historical analysis, deep packet inspection, and a number of other techniques. What’s key is that we have the best application identification available on the market, which means that even applications that are encrypted or use other methods to evade detection will be correctly identified and classified… We essentially feed this real-time information about traffic and application usage into the policy and charging system. Each subscriber has a particular service plan that they sign up for, and they’re as generic or as personalized as the operator wants.

Nope. Still sounds like the apocalypse to us. Not to mention, being able to scan and “determine” even encrypted services sounds like a security nightmare to us. Out of all the useless agencies we have needlessly policing people in this country, I’m sure we’ve got at least one or two that would have a field day with such a service.

**Note to carriers: Implement any form of this crap and I’m gone as are millions of other users…

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