Microsoft Breaks Silence: 1.5 Million Windows Phone 7 Units Sold in 6 weeks. #wp7


We may have been pretty critical of Microsoft’s reluctance to release Windows Phone 7 sales numbers, but that criticism can now be put to rest. Microsoft’s Vice President of Business and Marketing for Windows Phones, Achim Berg, finally put our curious minds to rest with some official Windows Phone 7 sales numbers. According to Berg, Microsoft has moved over 1.5 million Windows Phone 7 phones since launch in early November. For the more mathematically minded, that’s roughly 250,000 WP7 devices per week. If memory serves me right, another competing platform *ahem, Android* was quoting the same numbers only a few weeks back.

Looks like tales of Microsoft’s death in the mobile sphere were a bit premature. (Yes, I was wrong.) Though Microsoft shouldn’t get too comfortable. The most exciting Windows Phone 7 launch phone — the Dell Venue Pro — has had a terrible track record so far with various hardware-related issues. 2011 promises plenty more, though. Looks like we’re heading for a tight 3-way competition in the coming year.

Via: Unwired


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