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There has been some talk that CES will be pretty boring this year for the most part. But one company will at least draw a crowd with some all new products on display, a company that we’ve written off as dead many times over — Palm. has an exclusive on official drawings of the PalmPad, highlighting the first major product release since HP’s acquisition of the mobile software and hardware manufacturer.

In total, three tablets each slightly different in appearance and design and all running webOS 2.5.1 will take center stage to showcase the reborn Palm. A fourth model that won’t make itself known at CES but is due out in Fall 2011 will supposedly cater specifically to universities. The specifics on this model are not yet known, though an obvious focus on furthering education with new technology is a given.

As for the trifecta of consumer-oriented tablets, mini-HDMI, front and rear-facing cameras (1.3 megapixel and 3.0 megapixel respectively) large screens dominate rumors. Speaking of which, FoxNews didn’t have any more detailed information regarding the tablets, so we’ll have to wait until CES to find out more.

Gadgetsteria will be at CES2011 and you can be sure that we’ll be all over any and all Palm/webOS hardware at the show. Stay tuned…

Source: FoxNews
Via: TreoCentral


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