LTE Packin’, Android Powered, Samsung SCH-I520 Image Leaked. #samsung


We already know that Verizon is preparing an onslaught of LTE handphones for early 2011. They’ve already got an impressive LTE network up and running, with next year promising to be many times better. On that note, we’ve already seen a couple of LTE phones leaked such as the HTC Incredible HD and Motorola Olympus. And now, we can add a third device to that list of leaked phones — the Samsung SCH-i520.

Truth be told, the SCH-i520 is very likely close in design and style to the current Galaxy S variants (SCH-i500), with the only major difference being the LTE radio stuffed inside. While we’d like to see a freshened design, we’re certainly not complaining.

CES 2011 is in less than two weeks. I’m sure we’ll have plenty to talk about regarding Verizon and LTE in the very near future.

Via: PhoneArena, Gizmodo


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