OS X to Support Searching of Mac App Store for Unknown File Types. #macappstore


At one point in time, we’ve all come into possession of a particular file that we didn’t have an appropriate piece of software to open said file. On that same note, Windows users have been able to simply click “search online” to give Windows a chance at clearing things up. I’ve never had particularly good luck with the in-house app searching within Windows, ultimately turning to Google to find the required app. Perhaps on OS X it will be better, as according to a Mac developer from MacGeneration testing out the latest 10J537 build of 10.6.6, it appears that Apple will now add the same feature. The only difference in this case is that OS X will search the Mac App Store instead of the entire web, potentially resulting in a much better result, and at the very least, much faster searches.

Via: 9to5Mac

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