SHAtter Jailbreak Exploit Leaked! #shatter


Tonight, the jailbreaking scene for end users and jailbreak developers alike received a crush kick in the pants. Someone close to the hacking scene has leaked the SHAtter exploit. For one very short second, this sounds like a good thing. But in fact it is very, very bad. Now that there are two jailbreak exploits in the wild, Apple has a chance to patch both with the next firmware/hardware update meaning jailbreak devs will have to start all over from scratch. That very same ideology is the sole reason why SHAtter-based exploits were witheld win Geohot went public with his own personal exploit back in October.

Further adding to the drama is a miniature spat between Chronic-Dev team’s @P0sixninja and iPhone Dev-Team’s @MuscleNerd over who supposedly leaked the SHAtter exploit. P0sixninja is saying MuscleNerd did it. MuscleNerd meanwhile claims he’s innocent and that it was one of the other 15-20 people in attendance the day that the SHAtter exploit was shown off by “pod2g”. Regardless of who leaked the exploit, the next update will ruin everyone’s fun.

Twitter exchange showcasing the drama is after the break…

p0sixninja: @MuscleNerd no, the version leaked had one small change I did right before it was given to YOU and YOU only!!

p0sixninja: @MuscleNerd pod2g gave it to you in PM

p0sixninja: @MuscleNerd dude, you leaked it and tried to frame me to get pod2g to leave cdev, I’ve already heard it all

p0sixninja: SHAtter is burned, and now everyone knows why. Oh well, untether bootrom exploit is still on the way

MuscleNerd: @p0sixninja you never gave me a version

MuscleNerd: @p0sixninja please stop trying to bring up drama again. You always do this when you’re otherwise empty-handed.

MuscleNerd: @p0sixninja I believe one of the 15 people in that room leaked SHAtter because GP didn’t work on Mac at that point

MuscleNerd: @p0sixninja lol yes, that’s exactly why I would leak something that helps me more than anyone (unlock depends on jailbreak). Please think.

Via: RedmondPie

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