The Future Is Now: LVX Lighting Communication System Offers 3Mbps File Transfers Over Office Lighting.


In the world of corporate America and the endless seas of cubicle islands, flickering lights are nothing more than a nuisance/headache-causing annoyance that we have to deal with day in and day out. But six municipal buildings in St Cloud, Minnesota at the will be outfitted with LVX’s “Visible Light Communication System”.

The concept is simple: flickering lights (in this case, LEDs) transfer data to desktop modems that then feed the information to a computer. Similar LEDs in the modem can respond back to the lights overhead, thereby enabling a sort of futuristic exchange of information. And to those worried about endless flickering offices from hell — don’t. The lights flicker faster than the normal human eye can register.

The first generation of LVX’s lighting system will top out 3Mbps. But future iterations will I’m sure gain speed. Such a solution is highly needed in the ever growing world of wireless communication and crowded airwaves.

Source: LVX
Via: Gizmodo, Yahoo

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  • Newhickschick

    This is most exciting! Innovation is not dead and people are still using their powers for good instead of evil. Let’s just hope the government doesn’t try to get their fingers in there to muck it up.

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