Fail0verflow Pwn Ps3 Fo Realz - No USB Required #fail0verflow


Huge day, and huger*** days to come! With the teaser at this years Chaos Communication Congress from the ‘group’ fail0verflow, we have amazing news: The ps3 is hackable without that pesky USB dongle. The group — most of the HackMii group that work on the Wii(and DS) have been diligently spending countless hours fondling the newest Playstation member — and the fruits of their labor are paying off.

The group gave us a shot (if you were paying attention to the streams from the stage) of AsbestOS.PUP. If you aren’t familiar with what this means, the ps3 can be completely updated to a custom firmware, kinda like what the pwnage tool does for iOS. AsbestOS was created by marcan, and which is a Linux loader for the ps3. From what it looks like, it will load the homebrew applications and the ps3 will think it is an official Sony Signature. Once these keys are released, anyone out there will be able to mod their FW and play any game around, no more staying at an older firmware and losing out on some newer games just to have a hacked system.

More after the left mouse click…

If anyone out there is familiar with Marcan or Bushing, you know the HackMii software is amazing and works flawlessly. If you’ve softmodded your Wii, you were using their creations. BootMii is one of the biggest releases to date in the Wii scene, and to finally have these types of options out on the ps3 is going to make that system a must buy. With endless possibilities for homebrew applications out on the Wii, to have such options for a far more sophisticated system will be tons of fun.

The convention ends tomorrow, and supposedly their might be another presentation. If anything new is released, we’ll update this post. And we will definitely keep you updated on any developments on these hacks. All ps3′s out right now can be downgraded, the ps3 is completely open for the hack - AMAZING! If you are interested in having a completely customizable system, I’d suggest saving up your money before Sony figures out a fix for the exploit. As of right now, they are completely fudged***

Via: fail0verflow Twitter, (not updated yet)

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  • December 29, 2010 3:52 pm
  • by: Jordan


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