Verizon Simplifying Plans, Sticking it to Cusomter in 2011.


It appears that Verizon’s anti-consumer policies are once again pushing full steam ahead. The leaked slide above details two very disheartening changes to Big Red’s network. First and foremost, early upgrades are out. Customers will now have to wait until after month 20 of their contract if they want any type of discount with their new upgrade. Second, the “New Every Two” deal that gave Verizon users a steep discount off of new purchases when renewing an expired two-year contract are effectively dead as well. It’s worth noting that in all cases highlighted, customers on one-year contracts are not affected.

I understand you have to pay the bills, but these changes are just ridiculous. Combine the above with the new, higher ETF’s and you have a a recipe for disaster. At this point, Verizon is becoming less and less relevant even if they do have super speedy LTE. And here we thought Verizon was getting better with this whole pro-consumer thing…

Look for the changes to go live by January 16th.

Via: Android Central


  • January 5, 2011 2:21 am
  • by: Mike
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