How Will Verizon Price iPhone Hotspot Feature?


Today, we saw the opening of the gates to fairness and consumer choice — the Verizon iPhone is upon us. Several years in the making, come February 10th, the mobile landscape will be considerably different. But it won’t be differently solely because there will be two iPhone carriers. Instead, it will be because of new features that will keep incumbent carriers (looking at you AT&T) on their feet constantly striving to please their customers.

The biggest thing announced in conjunction with the Verizon iPhone was the new hotspot feature showed running on the device’s 4.2.5 firmware. This feature, like countless other smartphones, will allow up to 5 people wireless tether to their iPhone over WiFi. AT&T doesn’t offer this feature, and never has made any hint of even considering it. And looking back at their track record in regards to network performance, we can understand why.

With all that said, how will Verizon price their hotspot feature? (Cont’d inside…)

Verizon could go the normal route that a carrier in this position would go — charge an exuberant fee that is no where near “fair” and rake in the dough. Though truth be told, if you’re already paying a set dollar amount for “unlimited” service, anything you do with your connection should be free-of-charge — tethering included. On that note, Verizon could offer the hotspot feature for free and a slight hit in earnings while increasing network traffic and ultimately building the carrier’s reputation exponentially. Doing so would also instantly put pressure on AT&T to do something.

As it stands now, AT&T’s iPhone plans suck and their “tethering plan” is a joke. Plain and simple. Having Verizon swoop in and smash AT&T’s pride to a pulp with a better, more reliable network, better features and cheaper prices is a trifecta of hurt for AT&T, as well as a basket of hope for end users. But even if prices don’t come out in customers’ favor, the competition has begun, and we the customers are set to win.


  • January 11, 2011 5:40 pm
  • by: Mike
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