[Update] PS3 Hacker GeoHot Sued By Sony.

  • January 11, 2011 11:16 pm

Infamous PS3 hacker and former iOS jailbreaker, Geohot, has found himself in the wrong end of the law, with Sony shaking the big stick. As of roughly 7 o’clock tonight, Geohot has officially been served, according to his website. And no surprise here — the lawsuit names Geohot’s posting of private PS3 encryption keys in coordination with the fail0ver team (among other things) as the reason(s) for this legal endeavor.

Hopefully the courts have more common sense than Sony and see it’s not the tool (or creation of the tool) that is illegal. It’s how it is used.


As Jordan has highlighted below, it’s not a full on legal bloodbath quite yet — instead it’s a restraining order asking for all traces of the hack/crack/keys to be expunged from the web. (That will never happen.)

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  • Jordan

    Also, there are a few others named on these papers. The members of fail0verflow are also on this. They found the exploit, (ego)hot released the keys. There is more than just that attention hog possibly in trouble.

  • Jordan

    As an update, if you read the papers, it is only for a restraining order. It wants all information about the jailbreak removed from the web. It isn’t a full lawsuit — as of yet. That will probably be on the horizon here soon…

    • Mike

      Sony likes to sue…