[Update] Apple Requesting Feds To Rethink Legality Of Jailbreaking.


A new article published by NBC highlights Apple’s continuing (and futile) attempt to prevent people from jailbreaking and unlocking the iPhone. If you recall, the recent DMCA revisions made explicit exceptions for “jailbreaking” cellphones in general — basically, it is 100% legal to jailbreak and unlock your cellphone no matter what Apple says or wants. But that isn’t stopping the Cupertino giant. They are using the same old, tired, and repeatedly defeated claim of “copyright infringement” as a scare tactic to get the U.S. Copyright office to do their bidding.

Current jailbreak technologies now in widespread use utilize unauthorized modifications to the copyrighted bootloader and operating system, resulting in the infringement of the copyrights in those programs

While there are many people who jailbreak just to pirate apps, the majority do it to unlock the full potential of their phones and to customize it as they see fit. Everything from free tethering to a fully skinned iOS is possible with jailbroken iPhones. And let us not forget, the term “jailbreaking” as it is being used in the article is meant to classify Apple’s own iPhone. But in reality, the DMCA uses it as a more generalized term to encompass all cellphones.

In the end, Apple can continue this cat and mouse game as long as they’d like, however, they will never win. Regardless if it is “illegal” or not, people will continue jailbreaking *their* phones whether Apple likes it or not.


After Jordan’s tip below, a trip back to the story source, trek though the comments, and final stop at the real source, we have to admit that this story is less believable. Looks like an old quote recycled for news. (And we fell for it…)

Via: MacDailyNews


  • January 16, 2011 12:26 pm
  • by: Mike
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  • Jordan

    This should be updated, as that quote was misread, this is actually dated before the DMCA rewrite. So everyone knows!

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