Mega Yacht Modeled After Monte Carlo. Costs $1 Billion.


A gadget? No. Obscenely over the top? You bet. Justified by the fact that there’s no doubt an electronic or two that will keep this thing from plowing into land ala Speed 2, this mega yacht has made its way to Gadgetsteria’s front page. There isn’t any one revolutionary gadget or service on board. But the sheer size compared with the helipad, swimming pools, tennis courts, movie theaters, its own beach, waterfalls, swim-in bar, go-kart track, and submarines means it has us wowed like none other. At 155m long and sprawling 445 sq m., this mega yacht pushes the limits of “personal watercraft”. Highlighting that fact is the number of bodies it can house — 16 guests and up to 70 crew. And at an estimated $1.1 billion, it surpasses the previously lavish Eclipse mega yacht for title of world’s most expensive yacht.

Company director of Yacht Island Design, Rob McPherson, has stated that his company started down this venture of building the new world’s largest yacht because they wanted a “unique yacht that reflected the style and sophistication of the principality.” He further went on saying, “We want to create a truly unique environment that could take the principality of Monaco to the ocean.

Though at some point we have to ask: at what point does a yacht become a “pretty barge”?



  • January 18, 2011 6:58 am
  • by: Mike
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