MoGo Talk XD2 iPhone Case Now Available For Verizon iPhone.

  • January 18, 2011 6:41 am

The MoGo Talk XD2 iPhone 4 case that we reviewed back in December is coming in a newer, Verizon iPhone 4 friendly form. But don’t let the “2″ number fool you. It’s nothing more than a simple, subtle re-design to accommodate the Verizon iPhone’s slightly tweaked design (read: you won’t notice it). As a case, the MoGo was decent, and what we’d call above average. As a bluetooth headset, it was as good as any. And as a combo package it was great — the storing of the headset flush within the case was ingenious.

Regardless of the minor changes, Verizon iPhone users who spend half their day on the phone and live and die by a bluetooth ear piece will definitely want to check out this case. Release is scheduled for February 3rd at authorized retailers as well as Mogo’s website for $99.99.

Via: PR Web

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