Coming Soon: Windows Phone 7 iPhone Theme, “OS7″.

  • January 31, 2011 6:30 am

Apple may know a thing or two about designing beautiful, intuitive user interfaces, but that doesn’t mean other competitors don’t get it right every once in a while as well. Windows Phone 7 in particular is more or less the polar opposite of Apple’s mobile OS. Instead of bright and flashy, WP7 is subdued and extremely minimal in design — truly unique in the modern smartphone world. It is so unique in fact that many people want to port the minimalistic UI to other platforms.

Truth be told, the above theme — called “OS7″ isn’t the first attempt at bringing WP7′s tiled interface to Curpertino’s iDevices, but it is certainly one of best attempts that we’ve seen. Complete with static and live tiles, auto-generated lists, and ability to run independently of Winterboard means OS7 is worth a hard look. Interested individuals can hit up the thread over at ModMyi to get in on the open beta. Oh, one more thing — the theme is plug-in-play, meaning no paid add-ons or third party plugins needed. Nice and easy, like it should be.

Video walk-through after the jump…


Via: ModMyi


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